The Ten Rules

HLA is based on five rules for the federation and five rules for the federates.

Rules for Federations:

  1. Federations shall have an HLA federation object model (FOM).
  2. In a federation, all simulation-associated object instance representation shall be in the
    federates, not in the runtime infrastructure (RTI).
  3. During a federation execution, all exchange of FOM data among federates shall occur via
    the RTI.
  4. During a federation execution, federates shall interact with the RTI in accordance with the
    HLA interface specification.
  5. During a federation execution, an attribute of an instance of an object shall be owned by
    at most one federate at any time.

Rules for Federates:

  1. Federates shall have an HLA simulation object model (SOM).
  2. Federates shall be able to update and/or reflect any attributes of objects in their SOMs
    and send and/or receive SOM interactions externally, as specified in their SOMs.
  3. Federates shall be able to transfer and/or accept ownership of attributes dynamically
    during a federation execution, as specified in their SOMs.
  4. Federates shall be able to vary the conditions (e.g., thresholds) under which they provide updates of attributes of objects, as specified in their SOM.
  5. Federates shall be able to manage local time in a way that will allow them to coordinate
    data exchange with other members of a federation.




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