Ownership Management

Tank position ownership Sometimes you may need control some aspects of a simulated object using other object or a real device. You may have a real rudder device to control a simulated ship for example. In these cases you will need to take control of some attributes of the simulated object, such as its position . Thus, you can use the rudder angle to calculate the new position [...]

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The MapViewer Federate : Part 5

We're almost done! I showed in the last post how to manage all simulation objects of a Federate, holding the class and attribute handles. To close our Map Viewer series I'll [...]

The MapViewer Federate : Part 4

Previous post. Now I'll cover the Federates of our Federation: The Tank and Aircraft Federates. Due to the two Federates are very similar , I'll show just the tank [...]

The MapViewer Federate : Part 3

Continuing the previous post I'll show you how to get the units discovered by RTI and display them in the web interface. The web interface of our MapViewer is made using  [...]

The MapViewer video

As promissed, here is the video showing our Federation running. Sorry but I put no audio because I can't find a good voice. I'll put subtitles ASAP. You can download the [...]

Federates can’t see each other on Linux

Today I tried to run a Federation on Ubuntu and I was surprised: the Federates could not see each other . After researching , I found that the Portico was not linking with [...]

An useful key reader

Sometimes you want to interact with your Federate using the console keyboard. I'll show you how to implement an useful keyboard listener, so you can type keys ( or words ) [...]

The MapViewer Federate : Part 2

MapViewer Federate
Go to Part 1. This post I'll cover the FOM and SOM creation of our Federation. First, we must to plan the FOM module structures. As I said, we'll have one basic military [...]

The MapViewer Federate

MapViewer Federate
I'll start a series of posts to show how to create a little more complex Federation. This post will intruduce the MapViewer. The MapViewer is a Federate that can show [...]

Fixed Records

Sometimes, an information only makes sense if it is accompanied by a group of data, such as geographical position, Cartesian coordinates or an address. The OMT provides a data [...]

Modular FOM and Class Hierarchy

Class Hierarchy
It is recommended that you modularize your Federation. The OMT allows you to create several FOM files to separate its Federate. You can learn more about FOM Module in the [...]